The Aftermath

 “Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press up from the subconscious”

                            – — Carl Jung —

“The Cave you fear to enter holds the treasure to seek.                

                        —Joseph Campbell —

( NOTE: The following post is meant as a commentary about myself. Critical thoughts that are a reflection on myself. And are not meant as a criticism towards any group or individual.)

This post has been on my notepad for several weeks. It has been on the forefront of my mind for a while now. And I can no longer avoid it.

It is tale  of what drives my Creative Endeavors.

I was going to post this on Facebook page. But I did not want it flagged by them. I have had enough of them doing it to me over the last year. And don’t want to do anymore time on Double Secret Probation that restricts my account.

I refuse to call the last two years by its real cause. 

For me, It was and still is…….

The Abbey Normal Hodge Podge.

During this time, I have killed plenty of trees and a long with time on notepads trying to figure out how to get back on track. Only to have things shift. Again.

And this blog is about my Process. 

Almost every morning, I read a passage or two from The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations for Clarity, Effectiveness, and Serenity by Ryan Holiday. I got into Stoic Philosophy a few years ago. And I try to incorporate it into my everyday life. Am I perfect doing this?  NO! For me it is about attempting To Move the Needle. It also recognizing that the Needle goes up and there are days when it goes down. There are Ebbs and Flows. Peaks and Valleys.

Why I have to do a monthly re-reading of Bruce Lee’s Be Water .

I never could.understand anyone who read something just Once and then proclaimed, “I read that book and I 100% completely understand it.” To me these types of people are more full of themselves than they are of any real Knowledge and Wisdom.

For Me Moving the Needle is about engaging My Curiousities, My Imagination and Coming Up with Possiblities  So I have to keep going back to my books and notes.

Going layout My Various Pieces to my Process. 

Last fall, I was hiking Griffin Sculpture Park and started to think about the idea of my own workshop and workspace. 

I walk into the Woods seeking the Ever Elusive Muse. It is one of the sculptures I spend time meditating with. Every time I go there I notice  something new about some of the sculptures. The place satisfies my need for being outdoors and being amongst art. Explore to create.

Also around this time I was reading Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew B. Crawford. He shares how in this Digital Age that taking time to use one’s own hands to make is just as important mental knowledge. And a person these days needs a Mind and Body exercise to be balanced.

I found this show on T.V. called Brojects about two brothers who build these crazy ideas at their cottage property. And I was starting to get some ideas of my own.

How could I get my outdoor time and work on my various skills and art endeavors at the same time?

During the Abbey Normal I got tired and worn down by the distancing, restrictions, phone calls and Zoom meetings that always seemed to bring more bad news. And further postponements.

But there was a small glimmer of light coming last fall that things are going open up again.

Once again, I went to my notepad to get my ideas down on to paper.

Abbey Normal shut down the camp where I have been for many years a part of the Project COPE program there. The outdoors rope course design to instruct the skills of teamwork,tust,  communication,problem solving,planning,decision making,leadership and esteem. It had also been closed down due the distancing requirements. What I like about the program that is also about Working on Moving the Needle. 

So what was next for me?

In the coming Spring, I was going to go to camp on Fridays after work. Set up my tent on the course. And then on Saturday do something on the course. Whether it be course instruction or maintenance work. I was going to do something.

This area of camp was going to be my Workshop.

I had not been camping during this time because of the restrictions. Many of the places had limited capacity. I just wanted to camp with some sense of seclusion that the course had.

I also miss having a campfire under a clear, starry night sky. I can have a fire in my yard. But I don’t get to see many stars.

There were some other things I wanted to do at camp.

I had some Outdoor Art Project Ideas for my Instagram Art Project

Take an exercise of Solvitur Ambulando. (Latin. “It is solved by walking”.) And some cues from the book The Wander Society by Keri L. Smith. I found a topographical map of the camp and wanted to use a more detailed exploration of the area known as the North Woods.

I got a hammock that fits in my backpack. I was going to hang it up by the creek. Do some reading. Maybe spend some time trying to assemble the ideas in my various notebooks into something. 

Spend some time being Analog. Get away from the Digital habit I fell into during Abbey Normal. I was just trying to keep myself “amused” while I work my job all day by myself. 

These were the things I was going to attempt to accomplish for myself.

That was the plan to restart my 2022.

Then came…….The Monkeywrench !!!!

It was announced that Camp Schoellkopf was being sold to cover the costs required for the National Bankruptcy Settlement. Shortly, after this announcement the camp was sold off.

So now……

I have to keep these goals for myself. And find another path. I am just not seeing That Path at the moment.

So I am going to be taking some cues from Rolf Potts and do some Vagabonding

Read Don Quixote. Again. 

Just finished reading No Country for Old  by Cormac McCarthy. It made even more sense this time for me. Also I should be reading even more Cormac McCarthy.

And finally, I just need to keep referring back to Austin Kleon’s books.

Move the Needle(s). 



Try to find the “The Good” (as told by Jocko Willink)

This is now a matter of…..

It is what it is.

And was what it was.

Closing Credit Song.

 Jane’s Addiction “Just Because”

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