Now What ?!

This has been my never ending  question of the last two years.

I realised that the terms of my own story has been changed. And many of those terms were by forces and circumstances beyond my control.

And here I am.

But where?

I started back into listening to The Moth podcast. And their book “How to Tell a Story” is my current slow read book to absorb. And we are all just story.

The Camp that was a major part of my life is gone.  

Time to study the maps. And find new spots to explore. And revisit others that I haven’t been to in a while.

Solvitur Ambulando.

It is solved by walking.

For myself. Does this always work? 

No. But it helps.

I needed to get into some motion for myself.

And I came upon this word. And it struck me as to what I need to do. And I need to have in my life.

I really like this word and its definition.

Last weekend, I decided to hike the Sprague Brook Trail. An 8-9 mile hike seem like a good way to spend 3-5 hours away from all the noise I had been experiencing.

There are a couple of writing projects that I have been very stuck on. And the hike may shake some thoughts lose. I also have two different outdoor mini art ideas to do. Find my spark to jump start.

I printed off a trail map to record any observations I may make while hiking. I loaded the backpack. And off I went.

I got there. Parked my truck. I was going to use the All Trail app on my cellphone to guide to the specific start point for the trail.


My cellphone got no signal there. 


There is a map back at the entrance parking lot. 

I will just take a photo of that map and figure it out from there.

Turned the key in my ignition.  


An hour of trying to figure it out. And nothing. I had to call AAA. But I had to find a phone. Luckily, a couple came by and had a cellphone that worked. And were kind and patient to wait as it took me 20 some minutes to get service sent to me. 

45 minutes the flatbed came. The service tech was able to get my truck running. And told me what I needed to do if it should happen again. 

Again. Now what?

Giving where I was and time. I couldn’t take the chance and home I went. Hiking was cancelled for the day.

Next time, I am going to have to pray that the proverbial “monkeywrench” is not packed. And inspect for Gremlins before heading out.

Post Script.

As I was making my notes for this post. The radio played a song that kind of fit my mindset at that moment with my writing.

 “Constantinople” – Echo and the Bunnymen

Looking at the shifted pieces of my own story.

“Schism” – Tool 

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