The Piling Mass of Words 

Before I start. Where have I been the last few months.

Stuck in the Never ending “Abbey Normal” that is now going into Year Three. 

There has been supply chain issues for the last.year.However, when having my plan disrupted by the Monkeywrench in the gears. My supply has never run short these days. Every time, I sat to down to write I got Monkeywrenched by something unforseen. And I had days when I just say to caught my breathe and wanted to write. But exhaustion came. And if.someone called me, texted me, knocked on my door,.etc. I was.going to need Bail Money. Because there was going to Be Blood.

And now here is the too long delayed blog post.
Sisyphus had his rock.
Prometheus had fire.

I Know how those two mythical men felt.Now more than ever.

 I have my notepads and notebooks. And books that I carry with me. Everyday they are with me. I have the one I do my Morning Pages in and through out the day. I will make additional notes in. I try to generate one page a day of ideas and observations. I also note songs, movies, tv  and books to remember for later. 

The Notebook(s) is to keep working on and with my curiosities, interests, obsessions and fascinations.

The thing is I am the Only One who will ever see the actually pages. I do enough critical analysis of myself and I don’t need the “help” from anyone else. 

However, if there is an idea I come up with while doing this exercise. That idea goes into another notebook.From there try to see if the idea can be built into another form. What might the idea be shaped into.

In a way I am taking on the Bruce Lee idea of “Be Water”. And find out what works for me. Eliminate what doesn’t. The best style to achieve is that of being An Individual.

It is about getting myself back into a State of Play with writing.To keep feeding the Idea Machine in My Head. And seeing what they become. Will every one of those ideas work? Probably not. The best I can do with them. And if I am lucky. Is to be .250 Hitter. Trial and Error Hitter or in this case Writer.

Because. As J.D. Salinger said,

“At the end of the day, you’re in your own stew.”

 Guided by Voices “Trust Them Now”

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