Scrolling, Scrolling, Scrolling

I have remained employed  through the last  year and a half of what I refer to the “Abbey Normal” . But I have been pretty much on my own at work due to social distancing. I am by myself in a 10,ooo square foot room to do my work. But the work load has been very low most days. So I try to keep myself amused. 

Social media is a gift and a curse. I am posting mainly to keep my mind active during the day. Can I find something amusing? Can I possibly write something amusing or interesting to go with it? I just need to keep going. I have to amuse myself. And I post just to get these various ideas out there.

I want to learn new things daily. Explore my own curiosities. Channel surf. Example. I need at times music playing in the background as I attempt to take my notes and with “Some Assembly Required” make them into a blog posting. (Which lately I fell out of habit with doing. ) And the song by the band Missing Persons – Destination Unknown for me was the right song on my feelings of curiosity. And came to find out the singer performed on Frank Zappa  albums. It is a detail like this that puts me into “The Wormhole”.

There are two books I have been slowly reading the last few weeks. For me. They are about how can I take a.different approach or have a different outlook on my various creative endeavors.

In a world of rules and regulations about what should be created and how. This book is a reminder that you can remember how you started being creative before you came into contact with the “systems”. I have to give credit to where I found out about this book.

And this lead to me reading his weekly newsletters.

I try to read more these days the articles that inform me. Rather than the ones that are designed to outrage. Those ones are way to easy to find.

I rather want to Stay Curious. 

Explore. Discover. Create.

My laptop computer is down. And this post was written using the WordPress app  on my Kindle.It is just another tool and I have to adjust to its nuances. So Yes. Additional swearing was involved.

And I have quite a few notepad pages to go through and assemble future postings. 

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