It is Always a Conundrum

Found this quote in the midst of my daily reading.

“Don’t let your struggle become your identity” – (Source unknown)


As I do my daily effort of trying to live a Creative Life, I realize that it will be a puzzle. One that I never fully solve. I just need to show up more for it. Embrace the Conundrum.

I came across a TED Talk on “On Puzzle Hunts”

The next part of the thoughts in my head came from two different people.

“When someone is properly grounded in life, they shouldn’t have to look outside themselves for approval.”

  •                                     Epictetus


I am not looking for approval. However, I am looking for engagement. It would be nice to have a conversation that is not just a one-sided one in my own head. But reading social media postings have made me weary that such a conversation is possible. No one seems to be to “give and take”. Many people seem to be “doubling down” on their position.

It would be nice to have some extra eyeballs to look at my process. And sometimes extra hands to help pitch in would be nice. Or someone to split the driving with on a road trip to explore a place unknown.


This goes along with a quote from James Altucher, “Explaining is draining.”

I hate talking with people and the conversation seems more about gossiping. Also, nothing is more draining than to listen to people who are hypercritical of practically everything. They know how it should be done. However, they never show up to help with “the work” aspects. It is what I learned in the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Eliminate the Crazymakers as much as possible. (And I have to be honest I had to see the same tendencies within myself. And serve up a slice of “Humble Pie” for myself to chew on. And just continue to be a “Work in Progress”.) I am not going to get on soapbox and say who did what. It is just best to let some distance happen.


What goes. Goes. What stays. Stays.


But I also need to very much get out of my own Echo Chamber with My own Creatives.



Some final points that came as I was writing this post. (another must read site for myself) posted Art and Money. And I know how much a source of tension these two have with each other.

As I was searching for a photo to use. I came across this Futurama clip. And I want to remind people keep searching when you are curious about something.



Closing Song: UFO Gettin’ Ready (This week song was about the lyrics)

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