Assumption, Apprehension, Surmise, Presumption

I don’t write immediate reviews of the books, movies, music and whatever else personally. I am a bit envious of the people who can. And have to ask how they avoid the constant interruptions of people when you do try to be more “expedient”? The real reason is I think my thoughts need more time to digest for myself. And I am going to delude myself into thinking that all my ideas are the result of my own notion of “genius thinking”. (MEMO – Stay away as much as possible from people who do think they are “genius”.)

I also wonder how after a TV Show or Movie is shown for the first time that people can post explanations of the show and show all the hidden “Easter eggs” within hour of seeing it.

I did not see John Wick when it first came out. I looked at the title and I was a bit underwhelmed with it. I had no expectations other that this will probably go to the DVD bargain bin pretty quickly. AND I WAS SO WRONG. I just saw Part 3. And all I have to say for now that there is still a strong story to tell around this character. I can’t wait for Part 4. Which is something you never hear around a movie trilogy. I still don’t know how they pump out movies in The Fast and the Furious franchise. I only saw the first one last year because I wanted to see what I may have missed with all the hype. As a starting point for a franchise, I do not know how they continued from there. But they seemed to have found a way. Good for them. It is just not my thing.

Enjoy movies but beware of going in expectations.

Speaking of expectations. Two fan bases that have a bitter love/hate relation with the art they are always consuming. Metallica and Game of Thrones fans. (And let’s not even get into with the Star Wars crowd.)

Please remember Game of Thrones was not the first to give a WTF ending.

And here they both are in one mash-up video.

The Sopranos did one of the best endings ever to a show. I remember watching a friend at the time watching and then blowing close to aneurysm over it. How could they do this to him? Someone should have been whacked at that moment. That was his expectation.

However, now more than ever we live in the era of Keyboard Crusaders who have opinions over everything. And are pretty much for the most part unhappy about almost everything.

I have noticed more often than not the people who are Hyper-Critical on most things are the last people who are willing to actually do any effort to make the change. I use to try to brainstorm ideas with other people. All I used to get was a reply that “I was not making any sense.” That might be true. But THEN they would tell me what I should be writing and how. So instead of me being a writer I was so supposed their secretary. I am not saying I always right with my ideas. In fact, whenever I write something about 40-60% of them never survive past my brainstorming or I have to edit them into something else. But as I listened to their ideas which they felt so High About, all I could think was that they were not very good. And going in a different direction that was not very useful or helpful. The Lesson: I Had To Protect My Time and Space. And Be Careful to Where and With Whom Get My Energy.

Maybe Burger King ruined people by saying, “You Can Have It Your Way”. But as I get older, I begin to be more sympathetic with Michael Douglass in Falling Downwho was also have the same existential crisis over the burger. But I did work in retail and I know customers intend to be a self-absorbed idiots.

As for the final season of Game of Thrones, I think I will have to go back and re-watch the season. It is a matter once again of stepping back and digesting my own thoughts and opinions. I will admit that it seemed different. I did read the books but after Season 5 the show had to be done with no actually source material from the books. And writing for a book and writing for TV/Movies is actually different.

This was so far the better explanation of the last season in terms of writing.

The other problem I have with a lot of criticism is there is at times too much of Mob Mentality. It is either Too Much Praise or Too Much Virtual. And I don’t even want to get into The Team Blood Sport when people mix in their political slants into the criticism on an art form. Because most of the time reading them when that happens, all I can say is “Really?” The effort of the artists regardless of the medium really has nothing to do with you.

Funny, I keep getting back to Theodore Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” Speech. Could you imagine him delivering the same message today to the Keyboard Crusaders? I so wish he could.

And I was researching I came into this quote.

“Expectation is the root of all evil”


And as I was writing this quote showed up on Instagram Feed.

“It is easy to criticize and break down the spirits of others, but to know yourself takes a lifetime.”

– Bruce Lee-

And with that, I have to go work on the next thing for myself. And the other unexpected inconvienances that are happen at this moment.

I really need to hire an assitant. Or figure how to maybe get an intern for a better cost savings.

Closing Song “Mob Rules” – Black Sabbath (Heaven and Hell Line Up)

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