This Week’s Listening

It is always the “unforeseen” that mucks up the plan. In this case, this week’s posting that should’ve been last week’s posting. But as I was editing my notes for it, I really had two separate Main Ideas that didn’t gel as a single posting.

podcast icon

Four Podcasts to recommend

The first two, I have listened to a few times.

Tim Ferriss interviewing Adam Savage (Mythbusters). The big takeaway is to just keep practicing various skills and with time you can become a better Creative. Don’t worry about Perfection. (Another lesson in Wabi-Sabi) And I found this quote from the late Anthony Bourdain. “Skills can be taught. Character you either have it or you don’t.” And once again another related reading from about how photographer Edward Weston on the value having of cross-disciplinary curiosities

Marc Maron interviewing Brene Brown. Her writings having been a part of my reading over the last year. And Marc is one the best conversationalist to listen to.

The maker’s behind Welcome to Night Vale have started a new podcast called Start With This. It is about finding ideas and executing them. I rather take leads from people who are actually doing the creative work then from lectures who are spouting from their own echo chamber.

Wolverine: The Long Night. I like storytelling. And it helps to keep my mind off the clock at work. Plus, I am interested in how a comic book character translate into an audio drama.

And Please

Any Recommendations for fictional storytelling podcasts would be appreciated


And My own High Fidelity continued again with these three songs.

I pace about my day with my earbuds in. And then for reasons unknown the lyrics hit. Even though I have been hearing the songs over and over for a long time.

Barracuda by Heart. “If the real thing don’t do the trick.

You better make up something quick.”

Armor and Sword by Rush. “Our better natures seek elevation
A refuge for the coming night
No one gets to their heaven without a fight”

The Show Must Go On by Queen. “Empty spaces – what are we living for?
Abandoned places – I guess we know the score”


And now I have to go and edit my notes again for the next post.

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