(Or do I need to be thinking about reconfiguring what is with my work)


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This is for my almost “daily” artwork postings.


l62697-new-twitter-logo-49466 I have not been as active on this lately. I found the platform polluted with too much “political outrage” over the last few years. But I am slowly returning to it. The character limitations are a good way to practice my editing skills. It is just time to rethink my approach to this site. And my expectations.


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Now on to what has been influencing me over the last week or so.

I have been on some sort of High Fidelity kick for a bit. (By the way the title is both a good book and a movie) I have been doing some deep thinking over some of the music I have been listening to. And musically, I am like a squirrel lately. I am all over the place. And may end up being run over by a car. In a metaphorically sense.

Two Songs I have been replaying quite frequently.

“Rise” by Public Image LTD. Listening and watching John Lydon singing this song now makes me think about how the words and meaning working together changes over time. As a younger man questioning things with the lyrics “I could be wrong, I could be right”. But the same man with more age to him those lyrics sound like those of a person accepting things for what they are.

As another lyric line goes….. “May the road rise with you”

And then to “Anger is energy.”

I am not sure if I want to focus on that. But when it comes to anger for me it manifests itself as “Resistance”. The idea of this form of resistance comes from The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. And here is a bunch of quotes from that book.

The Second Song is “Come as You Are” by Nirvana. To me this is a song to remind myself to “just try to be in the present” given the situation. Also, the “Unplugged” album I have been listening over and over because the songs to me seem to have an underlying narrative that connects. What I think that is. Is still a mystery to me. But I will keep listening until I think “I cracked the code”.


The Tim Ferriss Podcast recently had another episode with Amanda Palmer. And that lead me to rereading this Brain Picking article about her TED talk and book The Art of Asking: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help.

We all need help. And we have to help too. But in this current political climate, I am not sure if either is sign is truly asking for real pragmatic action. Though there is a lot of demands coming from “top of whoever’s soapbox”.

But I know for the most part. Regardless of the Noise Volume. No one is really listening anymore at this moment.

I am going to stop here before I go into a tangent on this idea.


And back to Brain Pickings with this one from Oliver Sacks.


And finally, I do need my “Reminders and Recharging” Books.

Austin Kleon just recently released Keep Going.( I have read through 3X’s. )



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