To Make a Simple Dent or Two                    In the Universe

As the days of the Abbey Normal continue to March on. And over every one.

There is a demand for Sweeping Changes in almost everything. The odds of getting all of those done is almost impossible. That’s Life. And that is how it will be.

As I look about the various ideas that I am working on and trying to get worked out. I came across this quote from the late tennis star Arthur Ashe.

 “Start where you are, use what you have,                do what you can.”


For years, I have been saving my coffee cans and planting silver maple seeds. And when they got to be 2-3 feet high I would take them out to camp to be planted. But the camp got sold this year. I have about 20-30 trees sitting in my driveway. I don’t know where to go with them yet. And I have no room left on my property for them. I have planted about 15 at my place. But as I continue to collect coffee cans. I will continue to grow the tree seeds. Trees take time. And it best to grow them knowing I may never sit under their shade. 

Do I have enough to make a forest? No.

But every idea has a starting point. 

Not every idea is going to be a home run. I just want to be at .250 Hitter with my own Creative Projects. Work on getting more in the “singles and doubles”. 


A solo home run hit is 1 Point. 

A home run hit with the bases loaded is 4 Points.

I am taking the approach of trying to move my own Needle going  forward on. Make the Space that I need to breathe and keep making.

As I meditate each day on these ideas. 

I keep coming back to Rocky’s Pursuit of Happiness

And at the same moment My Sense of Humor reminds me of this…..


Desiderata”- Les Crane (optimistic song)

Deteriorata – Fluke of the Universe          (pessimistic parody song)

“Thrill of It All” – Black Sabbath                                (My Long Distance Dedication)

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