SO! I Let Myself Slip

There are two movies that I re-watched over the last week.

Fight Club because it is about a man at odds with the framework of modern society.

And Almost Famous about a young man trying to find his own voice within the noise of those around them. And this scene still holds for me after all the years.

Somehow, I find myself in this moment somewhere in between those two fictional worlds.

Don’t lie about it. You made a mistake. Admit it and move on. Just don’t do it again. Ever.

                                    Anthony Bourdain.

I let myself get out of daily habit the last couple of months. Especially, with writing to keep this block fresh. I did not make time for the Process. And I let myself listen to bad feedback on my product. I tried to make better plans. And encountered other “hiccups” to happen. So, I have been a bit more “angry and frustrated.” I took this week off from work to catch up on the outdoor housework before the chill sets in. But it has rained every day. The Internet went down at my house but I can’t get a time to fix it until I see what the next week work schedule is. I have been going to the library everyday to use their wi-fi to work with my laptop. I do not like working around people because I have a habit of pacing about when I have Writer’s Block. At the library, I have to sit in place to do the work. A habit that is hard for me to do.

But the Work must get done.

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

                                    Blaise Pascal.

I found this quote, in the latest book from Ryan Holiday titled Stillness is the Key. And right now, it is the reading I need to do. If only for myself. I don’t know anyone in my life at this moment that is able to or willing to talk about the ideas of Stoic Thinking. When I cannot find the conversation, I can find the book. I also have become quite aware lately of people who will not expend one ounce of energy on a thought outside of their own view. And I do not want to go into politics. It is all Noise Over any substance. It is all theater disguised as action. I recommend watching the Marx’s Brothers’ movie Duck Soup. It still works as satire within regards to our current climate.

Another book that arrived from me last week was Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis. I need to take more from the tips and clues of those people like him who are doing the Work. Lecturers and those who just bang on their podium are never going to be people that will make any notable change.

I also recognized I need to work on myself and for myself. Especially, with my own skill sets. As James Altucher says, Choose Yourself. I bought myself the Creative Pass on

And once again, over and over I have to remind myself to …Just Do the Work.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are

                                    Theodore Roosevelt

I have also been reading again the short stories by Ray Bradbury. Many of the stories are about people overcoming dire circumstances. He reminds the reader that mistakes will be made on our journey into the future. And yet we will arrive at that point.

I need to get back into a thought process that is more forward thinking than reactive to the moment.

More Mystery.

Less History. 

Do the Work.

P.S. I have to admit to my shortcomings and what is beyond my current skill set.

I have another website that is in need of reworking but I have no skill at web design. Even with What You See is What You Get Website Editors.

I am looking for help.

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